Referral process

  1. Call our 24/7 service line 0300 300 0023 (or eventually …).

 All calls are recorded for audit, training and patient record purposes.

  1. Initial patient´s  details will be taken by call handler (name, DOB, address, weight,…) together with caller´s details (name, position, contact number, reffering hospital and ward).
  2. Call handler will then conference in Comet team and patient will be discussed. To make the process as smooth and fast as possible, please, have all the relevant informations ready together with most up-to-date vital functions and blood tests .
  3. Comet team  will make the plan for the patient and discuss it with you. More calls may be needed to discuss further management of the patient mainly based on dynamic changes of disease process.  If decision to transfer the patient is made, Comet team will allocate an appropriate intensive care bed and update the local team.  
  4. If a patient is in a condition requiring emergency therapies or surgery (such as neurosurgical or abdominal) Comet may advise your team to transfer the child as time critical transfer. We can advise which department/specialist to liaise with and conference them in as well as offer support.
  5. If the patient has not been transferred, Comet team may contact your team later to follow up patient´s progress/status.